Loughborough University helps to produce guide for working carers

March 16, 2012 by  

A guide to balancing work and being a carer has been created by the research team at Loughborough University in association with Macmillan Cancer Support to help its staff cope with caring for a loved one with cancer.

The guide was produced to help people throughout the country, not just who work at the university, to cope with the pressures of balancing jobs with being a carer for someone with cancer. The guide is available for download via the Macmillan website and is also available in print, making it accessible to everyone. Organisations often use this dual print and online approach to help increase the reach of a publication, particularly if it is designed to appeal to a broad age range, using online activity combined with digital printing.

Loughborough University researchers worked together with Affinity Health at Work Consultancies as part of the National Carer Survivorship Initiative. It is designed to give tips and practical advice about coping with being a carer whilst holding down a job. The guide is called ‘Work it out’. Katryna Kalawsky worked as part of the research team who fed their findings into the book. She spoke about it to HR Magazine, saying:

“The Work it out tool is a valuable signpost for key work-related queries, and has been developed especially for carers to boost their confidence and equip them to deal with any workplace issues they face.”

The guide is available from the Macmillan website.