Leaflets drive awareness of osteopathy

October 29, 2010 by  

The generosity of students in Loughborough, and using the services of companies offering flyer printing Loughborough, have enabled a couple from the area to raise awareness of the benefits of osteopathy in helping alleviate the suffering of their newborn baby by printing leaflets to distribute to other parents.

The couple, Jenny and Jonathan Oakden, went through weeks of sleepless night when their new son, Daniel, was born. Whilst parents expect some sleepless nights with a newborn, the Oakden’s son would cry for hours at a time suffering from a severe bout of colic, and in obvious pain. Having tried everything that they could think of to try to comfort their son, including many different forms of medication, they found that nothing would alleviate his suffering. However, extensive internet research led them to consider osteopathy treatment, which looks to move the joints in the body more freely through massage techniques.

The Oakdens have been thrilled with the results and although no cure, they have found that their son has gradually improved and appears to be suffering less pain. They discovered that their son’s neck, head and diaphragm had been compressed during Jenny’s labour and the symptoms from this could be alleviated by osteopathy.

Now Jenny wants to raise awareness of the treatment and look to fundraise for further research into the benefits. The treatment is not currently offered on the NHS but Jenny hopes that it will become an option for people looking to try it. Students at Loughborough University Rag group made a donation to Jenny to fund the leaflet printing in Loughborough to help raise awareness.