Landlord ordered to remove karaoke banner from pub

February 12, 2012 by  

A pub landlord has been ordered to remove a banner advertising a karaoke night from the front of his pub, as officials say it violates planning legislation.

Nick Abraham is the landlord at the Royal George pub, located in Skelton near Cleveland. He recently hung an eye-catching printed banner on the front of his pub, advertising a regular karaoke night which is hosted there every Friday and Sunday. The banner was designed to attract punters and boost takings in the pub, but instead it ended up catching the eye of Cleveland and Redcar council, who ordered Mr. Abraham to remove the banner; stating that hanging it without permission was a violation of planning rules.

The council claim that the Royal George pub is located in a region that is considered to be a conservation area and that hanging a banner could be detrimental to the conservation work that has gone on in the area. Mr. Abrahams has been asked to take down the banner or pay a fine.

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