Gatwick Airport Rebrands

June 27, 2010 by  

The new owners of London’s Gatwick Airport, Global Infrastructure Partners, are looking to relaunch the airport with a new brand identity for Gatwick. They are looking to position Gatwick Airport as a challenger brand to Heathrow.

Global Infrastructure Partners acquired Gatwick Airport from BAA at the end of 2009 and has since unveiled a new visual identity for Gatwick, created by Lewis Moberly, a branding agency. The new blue and white imagery was developed to ensure differentiation of the airport from its main rival, London’s Heathrow airport.

As BAA is the more established brand identity with consumers, the new brand identity for Gatwick is to challenge Heathrow’s position and to be seen as a friendlier airport with a more human face in the customer’s eyes. Gatwick’s chief executive, Stewart Wingate, claimed that Gatwick is already seen as a friendly and enjoyable place to travel from and so the rebrand is to build on these existing foundations. As part of the rebrand, Naked Communications has created an advertising campaign which launched week commencing 21st June, carrying the strap line “Your London airport – Gatwick” and the rebrand will run alongside investment in facilities at the airport.

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