Council launches news website but continues to use printing companies in Loughborough for quarterly printed version

March 24, 2011 by  

Charnwood Council has recently launched a brand new news website in place of the printed Charnwood News magazine. This move is part of recent spending cuts across Loughborough and the surrounding areas. The news website will replace the printed version, saving the council an estimated £36,000 each year in terms of printing and distribution costs. However, local authorities have recognised the importance of continuing to produce a printed version of the website and because of this; they aim to produce a quarterly printed digest of key news stories that will be distributed throughout the community. This is positive news for local magazine or brochure printers in Loughborough, as it shows that even though government cuts are essential to enable authorities to tackle the country’s deficit, they still see print as an extremely important medium by which to communicate key messages.

The council hopes that the new website and the quarterly printed version of it will work in tandem to ensure that all areas of the community feel connected to events and news in Charnwood. This is something that local brochure printers will be able to help with, as they have significant experience of producing printed material to support larger online based projects. The council hopes that this switch to digital with a print strand will please local residents in terms of the money being saved, whilst still being able to convey the right amount of information to the right people throughout Loughborough.