Charnwood Arts supports Picnic in the Park 2011 thanks to Arts Council funding

April 22, 2011 by  

Charnwood Arts has announced that 30th May 2011 will be the date for the annual Picnic in the Park event where residents of Loughborough can join in a number of activities to celebrate living in the area.

The Picnic in the Park event has been held for a number of years and is facilitated by Charnwood Arts, a Loughborough-based arts and media charity that aims to work with the community through education and collaborative arts projects.

It was feared that this year’s Picnic in the Park event may not go ahead due to the recent government spending cuts were announced. Advertising the events held by Charnwood Arts and other arts groups is sure to impact on budgets, even with local companies who offer services like flyer printing in Loughborough offering good value printing at a reasonable price.

Despite government cuts affecting a number of arts organisations throughout the UK, Charnwood Arts managed to secure their Arts Council funding of £131,000. Part of this funding will be used to produce promotional materials to encourage local people to get involved with the events held by the group. Services such as flyer printing help Loughborough residents to become aware of the events and activities hosted by groups like Charnwood Arts.

Charnwood Arts hope that this year’s Picnic in the Park event will be a success and with a wide range of activities on offer, from Archery to Henna painting, there is sure to be something that everyone can enjoy.