Brochure packed with Christmas events

November 24, 2010 by  

Brochure printers in Loughborough are helping the Loughborough Town Centre Partnership and Charnwood Borough Council spread the Christmas cheer to the area with a publication that details the programme of Christmas festivities in the area. The brochure is entitled ‘The Country Comes to Town’ and is available from the Charnwood Museum, the Council’s Southfield Road office or from Loughborough’s leisure centre and town hall.

Charnwood Borough Council and the Loughborough Town Centre Partnership are working hard to make sure that Christmas is a special time in the towns. Local children may be very excited to learn that Timmy the Sheep is coming to turn on the Christmas lights, which will kick off the programme of events, on Sunday 28th November. The day will also involve the culmination of the Charlwood’s Got Christmas Talent contest and a display of music and dancing as part of the festivities.

The theme of ‘Country Comes to Town’ is said to reflect the role that the rural parts of this area play in the success of the region overall and celebrate their contribution. The whole programme of events will also include a display in the market place of the town which includes the construction of a sheep pen with the sheep created from recycled materials, tap dancing turkeys and some line dancing.
For those who do not live in the area and are unable to obtain a programme of events, but who would like to attend, full details of all of the seasonal activities are available online at