British Printing Federation employee completes charity bike ride

May 5, 2012 by  

A philanthropic employee of the British Printing Federation recently saddled up and cycled 125 miles on behalf of a children’s charity.

An accountant with the British Printing Federation, Peter Shaw, recently cycled 125 miles for charity from London to Leicestershire. He was joined by two friends, John Griffin and Neil Davis, and together they were working to raise money for Menphy’s charity, an organisation that raises funds for children who have disabilities. The team aims to raise a total of £1,000 for this cause, through sponsorship of their journey.

The British Printing Federation, which is an organisation that provides support, training and information for people working in the printing industry, whether this work involves manufacturing consumables for print, such as making ink or paper, or whether the work is more specific to the end printed document created at a print company.

Loughborough’s Newby Castleman accountants is the firm that employs the two other cyclists and team member Neil Davis said that he cycled from the Leicester office to the Loughborough one each week as part of his training.

The efforts of Peter Shaw and the team have not gone unnoticed and at the time of writing the total donations were over £980. Many members of the printing community choose to take part in charity events that go above and beyond the call of duty and many have access to the means to publicise their efforts using flyer and poster printing in order to maximise donations.