Proposed name change for Oncology Centre

September 3, 2011 by  

A South Cheshire-based cancer treatment centre is debating whether to change its name to be clearer about the services it provides.

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology is proposing to change its name to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. A spokeswoman for the centre said:

“The aim of this is to make it much clearer to our patients and the public what the hospital does, as the word ‘oncology’ is a medical term which is not always understood and can cause confusion to our patients and the wider public.”

Whilst a name change could make the identity of the centre clearer for patients, there is concern that changing the name of it could result in cost implications for the centre. Similar concerns have already been raised by local councillors, including Jan Clein who is the Liberal Democrat councillor for Greenbank. However, the spokeswoman for Clatterbridge Oncology Centre addressed this issue by saying:

“Printed materials would be amended only when a new print run is ordered, so as to incur no extra cost. Most signage is scheduled to be replaced as part of our planned estates programme, so there will be little or no extra cost.”

This approach would mean no extra cost would be incurred as the centre would stick to its schedule for things like stationery and business card printing. Liverpool and the wider Merseyside and South Cheshire regions are reliant on the services provided by the Oncology Centre, which includes a satellite service based at the Walton Centre in Liverpool.

Talks about the name change and a potential relocation of the centre are on-going.