Liverpool print company invests in new machinery

February 1, 2010 by  

Companies looking for Print company in business card printing in Liverpool printing services business card printing in Liverpool would normally turn to a local Print company in print company printing services print company, so Print company in print companies printing services print companies in Print company in Liverpool printing services Liverpool may still be experiencing decent demand for their services. Some large volume firms have recently lost business as clients have turned to on-line sales.

However, this is not the case for all firms.

There are still businesses which are maintaining a healthy demand and they continue to invest in new plant. For example, Liverpool’s gravure Print company in printers printing services printers, Prinovis, are presently installing a new saddlestitching line due to increased demand.

The new line represents a substantial investment for the magazine printers, which was sourced from WRH Marketing. Prinovis already operate four saddlestitching lines and describe their fifth as one of the most sophisticated post-press lines in the country.

Mr. Richard Gray, managing director said:

“Our need for this machine was two-fold. We have won an increased amount of contracts over the last six to 12 months and much of that needs to be saddlestitched, while we are now starting to see better output from our presses. Our dependency on trade binders has been lessened, which removes a lot of the logistical issues connected with sending work out and, of course, increases the value of the work we produce.”

The company will test the new line in February and they aim to have it fully operational by March. The print industry has always been fierce, it is perhaps more so today with digital innovation and clients turning to on-line marketing. It is good to know that some Print company in Liverpool printers printing services Liverpool printers are in good shape.