Liverpool city region publicity boost in San Francisco

March 14, 2010 by  

Local publicity campaigns usually include printed brochures, flyers and banners. The Merseyside Partnership (MSP) has gone much further with its campaign to promote Liverpool city region as one of the world’s leading locations for video games development.

MSP is working with Edge Magazine on the campaign. The public sector body of MSP has produced a 30 page feature highlighting the city’s prowess in the gaming industry. Edge Magazine is producing 10,000 copies, which will be distributed to delegates at the Games Development Conference, which is due to take place in San Francisco in April 2010. MSP representative Mr. Mark Basnett said:

“The Liverpool City Region games cluster is one of the most significant in Europe, generating some world leading games titles. As a key driver of our knowledge economy, it is important we promote the region’s gaming credentials on a national and international level. This feature highlights the strength of the Liverpool City Region, offering a skilled workforce, great connectivity, unbeatable lifestyle and a world class capability in gaming.”

International campaigns such as this will be good for all businesses in the Liverpool city region. Each time there is a promotion like this the city profile is raised and overseas business becomes more informed about the possibilities to be found within Liverpool. Overseas businesses and entrepreneurs are more likely to invest in a place that is creating a good image through its success and use of local talent.