Japan fundraiser could be helped by postcard printing in Liverpool

May 1, 2011 by  

A charity fundraising initiative has been started by three photographers in Liverpool to raise money for the victims of the earthquake in Japan by selling prints of their photographs.

Print Aid was the brainchild of local photographers Pete Carr, Dan King and Matt Thomas. One of Carr’s photographs sold at auction for £2,000 in January and this sparked an idea in Carr’s mind. Along with his fellow founders, he encouraged photographers and designers from around the world to donate their work to be sold at the reduced, affordable price of £10 per print. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the Japanese Red Cross to help victims of the recent tsunami and earthquake that devastated the country.

The goal of the project is to make great photography available to everyone whilst raising funds to help those in need. With this in mind, Print Aid could benefit from producing replicas of their photographs using postcard printing. Liverpool gift shops and retailers could then sell on the cards, with any profits being donated to charity.

Photo and postcard printing in Liverpool are effective ways to make art available to a large audience at a reasonable price. Galleries and souvenir shops have been doing this for years, so it makes sense to use this method to raise money for a good cause. Accessibility and affordability are key elements when it comes to targeting a mass audience to market goods for sale on behalf of a charity. Print Aid prints are available through their website: http://theprintaidproject.com/