Getting the kit off for charity calendar

December 16, 2009 by  

In April this year a Liverpool housewife wanted to raise money for cancer research. She decided she wanted to print a 2010 charity calendar called ‘Housewives in Art’

The housewife, Sharon Harper, wanted to create a calendar after the style of Impressionist artist Degas. It would involve 12 local women stripping naked and being photographed in Degas-style poses.

Ms. Harper managed to find a sponsor for her project but she also needed an altruistic print company in Liverpool to produce the initial run of 1,000 calendars. The photo shoot was completed by mid April. Ms. Harper wanted to distribute the calendar to Cancer Research shops across the country, with all profits going to the charity. In order to have time to promote the calendar the printing would need to be completed as quickly as possible.

Appeals were published in the local news paper for a printer to produce the calendar and support the charity. However, initially there were no responses.

It is hoped, the altruistic printer in Liverpool did emerge and that the calendar was successfully printed and distributed.

Offering help to worthy charities is not only a worth while thing to do. It can have the effect raising the profile of the print company, which in turn, can translate into increased business. So, if you were that truly altruistic printing company in Liverpool, who took the printing on board, then very well done to you. It will have done no harm to your business, in fact, quite the contrary.