Election leaflets in Liverpool criticised as inaccurate

May 21, 2010 by  

Straight Choice, a website project that had been monitoring the wealth of election leaflets that came through the nation’s letter boxes in the run up to the polls, has unveiled its results of the best and worse leaflets at Print company in Liverpool printing services Liverpool John Moore’s University this week.

Volunteers emailed or posted their local parties’ material to the website over the course of the parties campaigning period, with Straight Choice receiving around 4,000 leaflets. Their survey of voters found that truth and fairness were felt to have taken a serious hit, with exaggeration and lies felt to be apparent in the content of the leaflets. At Liverpool John Moores University, Straight Choice’s organiser, Julian Todd, took those present through the worst offenders and called for legislation to raise standards required for election materials by all three of the main parties, and many smaller parties. Straight Choice most strongly criticised the polling figures being misused in the leaflets to present an inaccurate picture of the position of the various parties in the polls and local council or European voting figures being used in place of accurate information.

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