Business card printing in Liverpool could increase due to new apprenticeship scheme

March 31, 2011 by  

The six regional councils around Liverpool recently expressed their support for a campaign to create 10,000 new jobs in the Merseyside region. This programme, which has support from local businesses in Merseyside as well as that of local authorities, is set to give the region a real boost in terms of jobs and skills. This may also bring a boost for local printing companies in Liverpool who offer services like flyer or business card printing. Liverpool is home to a number of local businesses who make good use of regional companies who offer printing services that can help to promote small firms. These new apprenticeships will not only arm thousands of young people with vital skills that can be used to gain work, but will also equip these young people with the knowledge to set up their own business in hands-on industries.

Jaguar Land Rover recently ran a similar apprenticeship project which offered 1,500 places on apprenticeships with the firm and they had over 15,000 applicants. Local Merseyside organisations took their cue from this response and saw that there was a real appetite amongst young people to gain skills on the job that could one day see them running their own business.

Local printing companies in Liverpool that offer services like business card printing to Liverpool companies are fully supportive of the apprenticeship programme that should give the Merseyside region the economic boost it needs. Councillors from around the region have also expressed their support for the apprenticeship programme.