VAT rise should not impact printing companies, says top business analyst

December 31, 2010 by  

Business analysts at marketing and consumer insights firm Mintel have released a statement claiming that the VAT rise in the UK from January will not have a permanent impact upon Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies such as those in Print company in Leith printing services Leith, Print company in Edinburgh printing services Edinburgh. The director of the research company says that he expects sales in January to be poor across the board for retailers, Print company in printers printing services printers and other businesses, but does not feel that this trend will last. This is good news for both consumers and Print company in printing printing services printing companies throughout the UK as it means that consumer confidence is on the up. Rising consumer confidence means that the country is likely to stabilise its economic condition and this is a positive sign of future economic growth. Over the last few months, Print company in print companies printing services print companies who offer services like Print company in poster printing printing services poster printing or Print company in business card printing printing services business card printing have reported a general rise in trade.

People are turning to local printing companies from Leith to London instead of using international firms or ones that are based online, as by using locally based printers, these people feel that they are supporting the local economy at what has been a relatively tough time.

Using locally based printing companies also offers consumers the opportunity to meet their printer face to face and discuss requirements on a personal level. This often leads to a more satisfactory overall experience and the print job is completed to the highest standard. Print companies look set to have a strong year in 2010 as consumer confidence continues to increase despite the VAT increase.