Posters reposition Edinburgh and Leith

July 9, 2010 by  

Outdoor advertising posters are being using to promote the city of Edinburgh, as well as Leith, and encourage new visitors to the Scottish capital, perceived as a cultural and historic city. Posters will be used to now position the city of Edinburgh as a happening place with much to attract those looking for a cosmopolitan city to visit.

The posters will feature different residents of Edinburgh to depict the wide and varied range of attractions to visit in the city, and market Edinburgh as a cool place for young, savvy visitors to come to. The campaign name ‘This is My Edinburgh’ demonstrates that the Destination Marketing Alliance Edinburgh wants to use real people to challenge people’s perceptions of the city and give them perhaps some insider tips on what else the city has to offer.

The posters will be displayed in key transport and commuter hot spots in other areas of the country to encourage those to travel north to Scotland. Posters will be seen in London’s Gatwick airport, Stansted airport, London’s Kings Cross Station and in the Metro Shopping Centre in Newcastle. Within the city itself, Edinburgh Waverley and Edinburgh airport will also display the creative posters to welcome visitors to the city and encourage them to explore the city’s music venues off the beaten track or rooftop galleries. A website will also be developed to give the insider knowledge on the best places to go.

Companies looking for poster printing in Leith or other areas of Edinburgh to help with their advertising requirements will be able to find companies in the area who will be able to provide a reliable and efficient service.