London style ‘Eye’ proposed for Leith waterfront

January 27, 2010 by  

There are many businesses around Leith, including print companies in Leith, who would welcome a boost to business. The city council announced in December 2009 that they were looking to build a spectacular London Eye-style Ferris wheel on Leith’s waterfront.

There has been a mixed reaction from local residents but business experts feel that the attraction is exactly what Leith needs. They believe that a spectacular focal point such as this will attract increased tourism and encourage more companies to set up in the waterfront area. The proposal has led to a ‘surge of optimism for the future of the area’, they said.

The city council is negotiating with the builders of the Singapore Flyer, which is the biggest wheel in the world. They are looking to build something very similar on the waterfront. It was reported that confidence is running high that the project will go ahead. Further development will also include a new ferry crossing, shops, offices, hotels, business space and nine urban villages, providing thousands of new homes. Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce believes the attraction would encourage more developers to invest in the area.

Spokesman Graham Bell said:

“There is certainly potential for a big ticket item like this to act as a catalyst for other developments. A giant Ferris wheel would bring the place to life. Businesses would open up as a result and it would become a place where people would want to be. The wheel could really help generate a buzz in Leith.”

This could be just the place to set up a new printing company in Leith.