Leith poster printing reunites dog with owner

April 27, 2010 by  

Poster printing in Leith isn’t just for businesses looking to promote their latest offers, or deals on their services; it can also be used for really personal reasons too. One recent example of a woman who successfully used Leith poster printing was when 42 year old Jackie Bruce needed to find her lost dog.

Jackie left her Labrador outside a supermarket in Leith while she was shopping – but when she came out the dog had vanished. The dog, named Bess, had been left tied to a lamppost outside of the supermarket while she was inside with her son.

Thankfully, the dog hadn’t been dog napped, nor had she ran away, she had been ‘rescued’ by a dog lover who thought the dog had been abandoned and didn’t want her to be taken by a dog warden.

Mrs Bruce quickly acted by using poster printing in Leith to plaster the local areas with notices about her missing dog – posters which did the trick when a friend of Lucas Franek, the man who rescued the dog, saw them and notified him of the dog owners’ search for their pet.

Lucas Franek then contacted Mrs Bruce about her dog. Mrs Bruce commented: