Achieve the right results with your leaflet printing

Leaflet printing is still one of the most popular ways to promote your company or event – and one of the cheapest. Companies often complain of the lack of response they get from leafleting, but using eye-catching literature and targeting your market carefully can make all the difference – after all, you are literally placing the information into your customers’ hands. We at Minuteman Press offer a high quality, low cost leaflet printing service that is guaranteed to bring fire to your marketing campaign.

Response rates for leaflet printing are around 1 – 2% on average. But that still means a possible 20 – 40 new customers for every 2000 leaflets dropped. Your choice of paper size, textual content, method of distribution, customer demographic and the time you plan your marketing promotion can all make a difference. Get them all right, and the percentage take-up can easily run into double figures.

If you have a web address, you can include this as an incentive – for example by including an online voucher code. “Two for one” offers are a good idea for ticketed events, while if you run a bar or restaurant you could offer a free drink on production of the leaflet. Mini cab firms popularly offer 10% discount on fares. All these will entice people to keep your flyer rather than throw it away.

One way to make your leaflet printing stand out is to match the size to your distribution method. A7 is a good size to hand out to passers by, as it can be popped in a wallet. A4 is a useful size for doorstep drops as you can convey more information – in a place where people are most likely to read it.

Whatever the purpose of your leaflet printing campaign, we at Minuteman Press strongly suggest you follow the rule of AIDA: Attract people’s attention; Interest them in what you’re offering; create Desire for your service or product, and finish with a strong call for Action.