Lamination is just one of the services that we provide for our customers here at Minuteman Press. The process is an extremely useful one, as it enables printed materials to be protected from wear and tear, making them more durable. There are many uses for lamination and, every time we think we have seen everything, our customers will come up with something new.

For outdoor events, especially in the traditionally unreliable British weather, lamination can help to protect printed matter from the rain. A rigid laminate can also help to stiffen papers, preventing them from creasing or tearing in the wind. Lamination can even reduce the effects of ultraviolet light on print. Their extra durability in outdoor environments means that laminated items are popular with organisers of sporting events. Competitors’ numbers, signs and instructions can all benefit from the laminating process.

Lamination offers protection against dirt and stains, and items such as menus are commonly laminated for this reason. The laminated surface also makes them wipeable, which is handy for anything which is left on a restaurant table. In a domestic kitchen, recipe cards are often subject to a lot of use in areas which are at risk of spills and splatters, and many people choose to preserve their cards by laminating them.

A laminated surface can also form a barrier against the erosion associated with constant wear. This means that signs which have been placed in positions where they could get worn away should last longer. A laminated sign on the floor is quite durable, unlike an unprotected piece of paper or card. In schools, printed sheets which are to be used repeatedly in lessons are often laminated in order to prevent creases, tears or fading. Lamination is also used by many people to protect photographic prints, where it has the added advantage of enhancing colours.

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