Work on Kirkintilloch town hall nears completion

October 21, 2017 by  

A major project to transform the town hall in Kirkintilloch into a space for hosting a wide variety of different activities and events is now close to being completed, with the building due to reopen early next year.

This project will see the ground floor of the building turned into a venue for displays showcasing the industrial history of Kirkintilloch. It will offer those who visit a range of interactive and creative activities, as well as featuring ‘Made in Kirkintilloch’ exhibitions that will be put together by community groups and EDLC Trust.

In addition to this, an extension is being added to the building that will be used as a second town hall and will also contain offices and a reception. Many of the existing facilities are being restored or upgraded, including the stonework, ceiling and floors.

The new exhibition room is scheduled to be finished by December, with the grand reopening of the facility set for the new year. Speaking to the Herald, Gordan Low from the council said:

“It was important that the town hall was restored, while retaining as many original architectural and heritage details as possible. Well done to all involved and I look forward to seeing the completed exhibition space.”

Upon completion, many redevelopment projects turn to local print shops in order to obtain materials to promote them to the public.