Training sessions to be held in King’s Lynn

December 30, 2018 by  

A training scheme for runners is to be put on in King’s Lynn.

Now that entries for the race are open, the organisers behind Lynn’s Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) are arranging training sessions prior to the event. Printing services may be useful for promoting a variety of events.

Residents of King’s Lynn will be able to see the race on May 5. The competitors in the run will take on a 10km challenge. The task may be less daunting if those signed up to race engage with the eight training sessions that have been scheduled.

Ryston Runners is poised to take charge of the training. The club highlighted its capacity to make a success of the activity last year. Lynnsport’s running track is to accommodate the training. Rob Simmonds, the chair of Ryston Runners, told Lynn News:

“We are delighted that the sessions are returning for next year. We saw our runners accomplish some incredible achievements and we were proud to be a part of that.”

Simmonds explained that ability and age are not important factors for potential runners to consider. He made clear that the run is about enhancing health and having fun.

It is a non-profit organisation that manages GEAR. The Run For All team attempts to honour Jane Tomlinson’s legacy after the active fundraiser sadly passed away.