Suffolk and Essex postcards expected to fetch a small fortune at auction

October 19, 2011 by  

An extensive historic postcard collection from the Suffolk and Essex regions have been valued to fetch a whopping £60,000 at auction.

The collection of thousands of postcards belongs to an anonymous enthusiast who does not wish to be named. The cards have been handed over to Lacy Scott and Knight, an auction valuation company based in Bury St Edmonds. Edward Crichton has been working on valuing the collection in his role as fine art manager at the firm.

Crichton spoke to the East Anglian Daily Times about the fascinating act of cataloguing the postcards. He said:

“I can’t ever recall a sale I’ve done more work on – just because of the sheer number of cards and having to describe them all. You find yourself going through them and being distracted. It’s like finding old newspapers – you end up reading them! Images from a bygone era are always interesting.”

The collection features scenes from throughout the UK although Suffolk and Essex, with East Anglia being particularly prominent. The fact that the cards are valued around the £60,000 mark shows that there is still a real appetite for printed memorabilia created using methods like postcard printing.

Kings Lynn, Norwich and other areas in the East Anglia region are depicted in the cards which also give some valuable insight into village life and historical events that have happened over the years; even events such as the sailing of the Titanic are chronicled in this collection.