Police step up their World Cup plans

June 21, 2010 by  

Police in areas such as Kings Lynn, Norwich and Great Yarmouth have stepped up their presence with extra patrols during the World Cup in a bid to try to prevent an increase in crime around the period. The economic climate has made plans tough for the forces, which has resulted in the police identifying potential trouble hot spots such as Kings Lynn and diverting staff from their other duties to focus on these areas in order to try to save costs. Across this area, Norfolk Constabulary will send posters to licensed premises to warn revellers of the consequences of their anti-social behaviour. Posters are a cost effective way to distribute a message to a wide area and large numbers of people and there are poster printing companies in Kings Lynn or other towns across the county who would be able to quote.

Additional patrols by the police will obviously focus on pub locations during football games and after games in order to try to crack down on any trouble that is about to happen. However, police are also preparing for a potential increase in domestic violence during the World Cup period which is based on experience from major sporting events with the increases in drinking and emotions running high both thought to be key factors in this increase.

A further concern is for areas which might have strong immigrant communities, such as Thetford with its high Brazilian and Portuguese population – it is thought that these are areas with a high propensity for tension during the competition.