New Travelodge for Kings Lynn

February 10, 2012 by  

Plans have been approved for a hotel chain to build a brand new hotel in Kings Lynn, creating jobs for local people and giving the economy a welcome boost.

Hotel chain Travelodge have submitted its plans and had them accepted by West Norfolk Council. The hotel will consist of 68 rooms and will form part of the Nar Ouse Regeneration Area (NORA), which is also due to feature shops, bars and restaurants.

Whilst the Council approved the plans for Travelodge to build the hotel, the Kings Lynn Civic Society were largely opposed to the development, suggesting that the new hotel would be a:

“long unrelieved block with rows of identical windows which lack character and is without merit.”

The Council responded to this statement, saying:

“The provision of a Travelodge hotel is complimentary to the objectives of the NORA master plan and represents an important investment in the regeneration of South Lynn. The building’s design when viewed in isolation and importantly in association with the retail unit and Public House represents an attractive development which is a notable improvement on the previous lorry park and enhances the built environment.”

The fact that 16 new jobs would also be created in the area is another benefit of the new hotel. In addition to creating jobs directly within the hotel itself, the hotel could also bring work to local businesses by employing them to provide services such as creating promotional materials using brochure and flyer printing.

Kings Lynn Travelodge will be developed over the coming months as part of the NORA regeneration programme.