Make it Marham petition gathers pace

November 27, 2010 by  

MPs and councillors in Norfolk launched the ‘Make It Marham’ campaign in Kings Lynn on 20th November, hoping to capitalise on the public spirit aroused by the masses gathered at the switching on of the Christmas lights in the Vancouver Quarter the night before.
Manning a stall festooned with posters and banners, members of Parliament and the local council took time out to promote the ‘Make it Marham’ campaign was launched to try to persuade the Government that they should make the decision that the Royal Air forces’ Tornado fleet should continue to be based at Marham rather than moved to Lossiemouth in Scotland. Elizabeth Truss, Norfolk’s MP, made a strong case to the Commons that there was much strong public feeling in the area about the base and that the most economically efficient decision was to keep the fleet at Marham. RAF Marham is a major employer in the Norfolk area, employing over 5,000 people and offering the area opportunities for some of the most highly skilled and paid jobs in the region. The base is worth millions to the local economy.

MPs and the community have joined together to get behind the ‘Make it Marham’ campaign. Before the weekend, their petition already had 10,000 people signed up and poster printing businesses in Kings Lynn will have been busy as printed posters and banners were displayed at the stall to draw attention to the cause, in the hope that they would add thousands more to the petition.