Local insurance firm raise money for Comic Relief

April 1, 2017 by  

Staff from Adrian Flux Insurance got the chance to ‘gunge’ members of the management team on Red Nose Day and raised £10,355 for Comic Relief.

Based at East Winch near Kings Lynn, over 100 supervisors and managers from the West Norfolk company put their fate in the hands of the 900 plus workforce. Voting on who should get gunged, the staff voted for a total of 62 bosses to face the music.

Originally hoping to raise £5,000 by gunging around 40 bosses, the organisers were pleased to extend the event. Once poster printing began, the pledges for donations starting pouring in. Taking more than 600 litres of gunge and about three hours to complete, managers and staff agreed it had been a great fundraising idea.

Event organiser, Donna Desborough said:

“We’re very proud to have raised so much money this Red Nose Day through our ‘Gunge the Manager’ fundraiser. Everyone has had a good laugh pledging cash and then watching the managers get gunged – the atmosphere has been fantastic.”

Comic Relief is a major UK charity that has raised over £1 billion since it first started in 1985. The charity funds thousands of projects worldwide, with the ultimate aim of eradicating poverty and creating a fair world for all. Red Nose Day 2017 saw over £73 million pledged.