Leaflet dumping postman punished

September 21, 2010 by  

A postman has appeared before King’s Lynn Magistrates’ Court and branded himself as lazy after failing to deliver thousands of pieces of mail to residents in the area. The Norfolk postman, Alasdair McAnally, clearly did not appreciate the efforts of companies offering flyer printing in Kings Lynn and ditched thousands of leaflets due for delivery in a public bin close to where he lived. The court was told that McAnally had told the Royal Mail investigators into the case that he had thrown the junk mail away because he was, by his own admission, ‘lazy’ and although he had been paid additional money to deliver the leaflets, he admitted that he did not think that anyone would particularly miss it.

McAnally was also found to have hidden letters and parcels at the home where he lived with his parents as well as opening some of the mail that included DVDs and bank cards. The postman was discovered after such large amounts of mail were found in the bin close to his home by cleaning teams from the local council. Mail was then security marked and delivered to the Royal Mail base that McAnally worked from. When this was then found to have been discarded in a bin, the Royal Mail investigators turned up at McAnally’s door. The postman showed the investigators all the post he had stored in the home and admitted his reasons.

Having escaped a prison sentence, McAnally was given 250 hours of unpaid work to complete along with paying compensation.