Kings Lynn residents united on burning issue but council presses on with plans

March 13, 2011 by  

Despite the fact that West Norfolk Council has received an overwhelming opposition to their plans to build a waste incinerator in Kings Lynn, the council gave the go-ahead to the project on 7th March. The plans to construct the incinerator at the Willows Business Park were fiercely opposed by almost 92% of voters in a recent poll held by the council. Much of the success of the opposing vote was down to KLWIN, a group that calls themselves Kings Lynn Without Incineration. The Kings Lynn Without Incineration Group held meetings and hosted a website to encourage local residents to use services like poster printing in Kings Lynn to raise awareness of the issue. However, the council said that despite these efforts, the town had to stop large amounts of waste going to landfill and that they could generate essential energy for the region by burning waste as fuel.

Despite the use of promotional materials and services such as poster printing in Kings Lynn, the opposition to the incinerator was simply not strong enough to withstand the power held by local Councillors who voted in favour of the incinerator being built in a meeting held by West Norfolk Council. This is a decision based largely on cost-savings generated from the energy created by burning waste as well as on government targets to reduce waste that is being sent to landfill sites. At the time of reporting, the Kings Lynn Without Incineration group were unavailable for comment.