King’s Lynn gains from donation of art

January 6, 2017 by  

The art collection based at the town hall of King’s Lynn has recently received a boost.

Ely Cathedral by Walter Dexter has been given to West Norfolk Council (WNC). The picture was handed over by a relative of a patron of the artist, Emma Simmonds, who has donated similar paintings in the past. Demand for booklet printing within King’s Lynn could increase if regional interest in art picks up.

Mayor David Whitby told Lynn News:

“The borough is very lucky to have acquired this wonderful painting by Dexter. It’s a lovely gesture from a kind-hearted lady who obviously feels a great connection to, and affection for, Lynn.”

Councillor Whitby explained how pleased he was that the town hall would showcase the work. It will join a Dexter painting called ‘View of King’s Lynn from the West’. Simmonds was responsible for the donation of that piece back in 1998.

Simmonds has now reached the age of 102, and was unable to travel to King’s Lynn to oversee the donation process this time. Nonetheless, she was given photographic confirmation of the event associated with the painting of the cathedral.

The local reputation of Dexter remains high. During the course of the last century, the artist often chose to depict the riverfront. A.L. Dorer, Simmonds’ father, was an influential man who assisted Dexter in his search for appropriate commissions.