Kings Lynn Art Centre announces competition winners

April 14, 2011 by  

Kings Lynn Arts Centre has been saved from closure by a number of volunteers from the Norfolk region who campaigned to keep the centre running.

The building that the centre was housed in once played host to Shakespeare and the volunteers who are now running the arts centre hope to breathe back new life to attract top talent from the arts and theatre world.

The first event that was held recently by the Kings Lynn Arts Centre was the Easter Open art competition. This event received an overwhelming amount of interest and generated almost 650 pieces of art from over three hundred artists. One of the awards that make up the Easter Open competition is the selector’s choice postcard awards.

This year’s awards went to three local artists for their postcard creations. Alison Chaplin, Dale Manning and Julie Spriggs all received awards for their entries, which helped to highlight one of the key points of the Kings Lynn Arts Centre – art is not just to be hung on walls, it can be found everywhere. There are several printing companies offering postcard printing in Kings Lynn, so there would be potential for the winners to create replica prints of their postcards to sell or share to spread the word about their art if they were so inclined.

The trustees who now run the Arts Centre hope that the Easter Open competition has opened up the possibilities that the arts can bring to a wider audience and that by using unconventional ways of showing how anything can become art, for example postcard printing, Kings Lynn Arts Centre will appeal to a number of people who previously had not been involved with the arts in Norfolk.