Incinerator issue still not resolved

November 18, 2011 by  

Plans to build a controversial waste incinerator in Norfolk are still up in the air due to divisions between developers and protesters.

The campaign against the incinerator has been a strong one, with local people pulling together to organise petition and demonstrations to make their voices heard. Visual aides have also been used in the fight against the incinerator, with posters and banners being produced featuring slogans such as ‘Health yes, incinerator no.’ Local companies who are in support of the campaign have helped by providing services such as banner printing.

Kings Lynn Without Incineration is the main group who are in opposition against the building of the incinerator, largely due to the fact that a waste incinerator could pose a serious threat to the health of local residents.

This opposition has resulted in a hearing at the High Court in London, which is planned for 5th December. This will then decide if the argument against the incinerator should go under further review.

Caroline Spelman is the Environment Secretary who has put the plans to build the incinerator on hiatus pending the High Court review. She expressed her concern saying that she did not feel that there was enough public agreement about the issue and that the plans would be on hold until the level of public consensus was adequate.

There has been a response from Norfolk County Council suggesting that there was “ample evidence” of public consensus in favour of the incinerator, however West Norfolk Council has evidence in the form of public opinion polls to suggest otherwise.

The case is on-going.