Flyer encourages local children to get active

July 28, 2011 by  

Kings Lynn and West Norfolk council is working in conjunction with local residents to promote ‘Let’s Get Active Methwold!’, a programme that outlines the importance of children having active lifestyles to parents.

This collaboration has resulted in flyer printing and distribution which, aimed at parents in the West Norfolk area, highlights the programme of activities being hosted by the council. The four-page piece of print communication is also available for download from the council website. By producing this programme of events, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk council will be able to target a large number of potential participants and can communicate not only details of the programme, but can also inform parents on how to apply for places for their children at these events.

With more and more councils facing strict objectives to increase the health and wellbeing of the people living in the areas they are responsible for, advertising initiatives like ‘Let’s Get Active Methwold!’ using flyer printing means that their healthy-living programmes get a wide exposure which in turn could lead to a higher number of participants.

By not restricting promotional material to a website, councils are seen to be more inclusive, an element which is key when it comes to sporting programmes like ‘Let’s Get Active Methwold’.

The flyer gives details of events running up until the end of September and an application form is included. There is also information about development of sport in rural areas, with tips on equipment loans, coaching bursaries and transport; all intended to make it easier for local children to get involved in a more active lifestyle.