£6000 grants offered to local Lincoln groups

August 7, 2011 by  

A Print company in printing company printing services printing company based in Lincoln has pledged to offer £6,000 in grants to local groups, societies and sports clubs to help more people get involved in active events throughout the region.

The campaign, called Live Active, is being backed by the Lincolnshire Echo and is appealing to groups of all sizes and levels of ability to apply for their share of the fund to spend on anything from transport to new equipment to help them to improve how they play sports.

The £6,000 donation from the Print company in printing printing services printing company will be distributed between the applicants one a case-by-case basis so a number of clubs and even individual athletes can apply. Charitable donations from businesses are often hard to come by when the economic climate is as austere as it has been of late, so this donation could show a turn in fortune for traditional and digital Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies.

Print company in Kings Lynn printing services Kings Lynn, in nearby Norfolk, was recently home to a similar expression of generosity when the West Norfolk Young Carers group received a donation from the Rotary Club of Kings Lynn. These kinds of donations help to ensure that community and sporting events can continue to take place across Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

When printing companies and local newspapers team up to promote initiatives like Live Active, they are sure of a certain level of success given the promotional expertise of the printing company and the advertising space available in the paper. Details of how to apply for the fund are on the Lincolnshire Echo website and the deadline for entries is 26th August.