Tourist tackles food challenge in Kilmarnock

November 23, 2018 by  

Kilmarnock may have found a unique way of boosting its appeal to tourists after a man travelled all the way from the Czech Republic to take part in a food challenge.

Radim Dvoracek is aged 28 and embarked on a journey through the UK that he described as a kind of culinary tour. He made a stop-off in Kilmarnock earlier in the month so that he could visit Hogan’s sandwich bar, as he was attracted by the competitive food challenges it hosts for those who are blessed with iron stomachs.

Dvoracek live streams all of his food challenges on his social media channels and he made two separate bids for glory at the bar in St Marnock Street. The first ended in failure so he went back the next day to try to consume the massive Crusty Cob Burger within the allotted hour and win the £100 prize.

Amazingly he managed to eat it all in just over half an hour, to scoop the prize money. Alongside ideas like this, eateries often use promotional products to help them spread the word about what they have on offer to the general public.

Dvoracek secured a place on the bar’s wall of fame, as well as a special t-shirt. The sandwich bar has held a number of similar food challenges over the last four years.