Happy Mondays to ‘Step On’ to Kilmarnock at Christmas

August 15, 2017 by  

One of the biggest British bands of the 1990s, and one that still enjoys a firm following to this day, will be coming to Kilmarnock to perform a reunion gig at the end of this year.

Legendary ‘Madchester’ band the Happy Mondays will be playing at the Grand Hall in the town as part of their Twenty Four Hour Party People – Greatest Hits Tour. This will see them visit most of the towns and cities within the UK, but their stop-off in Kilmarnock will take place during the festive season.

Fans will be able to hear Shaun Ryder and the rest of the group play all of their most famous songs, which include the likes of Hallelujah and Step On, during this celebratory gig.

Marking the perfect way for old and new fans of the Manchester band to get in the mood for Christmas, singer Ryder told the Daily Record that he was just as excited about the prospect of being on stage with the others again, adding:

“We’re performing better than ever and I love getting together with the band, blasting out all our great tunes we’ve made together over the decades. It’s gonna be great.”

Before the gig takes place on December 22, places that offer poster printing are likely to be called upon so that the gig can be properly advertised to local people.