HALO Kilmarnock hosts students

March 30, 2018 by  

A group of students from the local area were recently given the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of a major development being built in Kilmarnock.

HALO Kilmarnock is being developed at a cost of £65 million and it is expected that jobs for thousands of people will be created both during the construction phase and once it is up and running. Students who attend Ayrshire College had the chance to visit the site, which used to be home to a whisky bottling plant.

The HALO director and founder, Marie Macklin, showed the students around the site, so that they could learn what the project will do to create employees who possess the skills that are needed to get ahead in this technological age.

The college and the project are partnering to provide students with experience in employment fields such as social care, early education, design, construction, cyber and digital skills. Speaking to a reporter from the Daily Record, Macklin stated that:

“This visit was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase the link between the HALO and education and the multiple, immediate, medium and long-term relationships with the college and its students.”

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