Double joy for nursery in Kilmarnock

October 18, 2018 by  

A nursery in Kilmarnock is celebrating a double triumph, after it scooped both an award and a top grade in a report earlier this month.

Hillbank Early Childhood Centre was visited by the Care Inspectorate recently and was given its seal of approval in the subsequent report. It then went on to win a Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) silver award from UNICEF, making for a very memorable month for everyone connected with the nursery.

The facility is located in Kilmarnock’s North West Area Centre and has now become the first standalone nursery to win this silver award. The RRS awards are intended to provide kids with the maximum chance of leading happy lives and becoming model citizens as they grow up.

However, this was not the only good news for Hillbank, as the nursery also secured an ‘excellent’ grading from the Care Inspectorate after a visit. Nurseries and similar facilities often use places that can print letterheads so that they can mention such things on their stationery.

Fiona Campbell, a local councillor, told the Daily Record that:

“A happy, caring and respectful environment is essential to promote learning and tolerance and I’m delighted that Hillbank has achieved the silver award from UNICEF.”

She added that the grading from the Care Inspectorate further showed the quality of the nursery.