Mackintosh Festival coming back to Helensburgh

September 22, 2017 by  

Next month is set to see Scottish architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh commemorated with the annual Mackintosh Festival – and Helensburgh will play a prominent part in the event once again.

This will be the sixth year in which this festival has been held and this year, the two buildings in Helensburgh that Mackintosh was responsible for designing will join forces to lead the celebrations. These are the Mackintosh Club and the Hill House. Pupils from secondary schools in the town will be tasked with creating artwork to decorate the venues.

The pupils will make a large banner, using a stencilling process inspired by the methods Mackintosh himself would have deployed. Students will be helped by a professional artist with experience using this particular medium.

Hill House’s property manager, Lorna Hepburn, told the Helensburgh Advertiser that the pupils taking part had already paid a visit to learn more about stencilling, but that the Mackintosh Club’s workshop would be used to create the banner, adding:

“The banner will be on display throughout the festival. Working with young people is very important in passing on Mackintosh’s legacy of interest in art and actually creating artworks.”

The festival takes place throughout October and events of this sort often make use of printers able to offer banner printing, so that large-scale banners can be hung to mark them.