Council plans to improve Helensburgh buildings

November 16, 2017 by  

Members of Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) are set to visit the different parts of the town and take a note of any sites or buildings that could be improved, as part of its plans to enhance Helensburgh.

The HCC will undertake the survey of the town’s ‘stalled spaces’ on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council, with their findings to be passed on to the local authority. The hope is that it will be possible to convince those who own any properties or sites identified within the survey to carry out the work needed to bring them up to scratch.

At the monthly meet-up of the HCC, which took place at the start of November, its convener Norman Muir said that one such owner had already agreed to have their site tidied, during a preliminary trip around Helensburgh.

He went on to state that the site in question was located on East King Street, adjacent to what used to be Jeanie Deans, and according to the Helensburgh Advertiser he added:

“They said they had been trying to sell it, but that hadn’t worked. But they said that over Christmas they would tidy the site up. That showed the sort of movement we hope can be replicated elsewhere.”

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