University of Glasgow creates Star Wars course

February 20, 2017 by  

The University of Glasgow is set to offer a unique entry point into the subject of philosophy, thanks to a planned new course that approaches the Star Wars movie franchise from a philosophical standpoint.

Entitled ‘Star Wars and Philosophy: Destiny, Justice and the Metaphysics of the Force,’ this course will be made available on an open access basis during May and will be a one day module. It will provide an opportunity to find out about moral responsibility, using the films by George Lucas as a framework.

Dr John Donaldson, a philosophy tutor at the university, has previously taught a course focused on ‘The Simpsons’ character Homer, and told the Glasgow Evening Times that he hoped both members of the public and students would embrace the course, adding:

“The whole theme of the course is organised around what we can say about a universe in which people’s actions are fixed or directed by a thing that is external to them – the force.”

He went on to state that the films would be used as a way of introducing this topic, with key moments set to be screened throughout it for emphasis, providing an accessible starter to philosophy.

Students attending courses such as this may want to equip themselves with note pads, so that they can note down important points from the lectures.