Cancer support service in Glasgow hits milestone

January 10, 2017 by  

A service based in Glasgow that operates out of the city’s libraries offering support to those dealing with cancer has hit an impressive milestone, with 10,000 people having accessed it.

The Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries outreach scheme was launched across the city five years ago, and attendances of over 10,000 have since been registered. The service provides both practical and emotional support for those impacted by the illness and operates out of 32 Glasgow libraries.

Led by a team of volunteers, it offers those who need support a chance to talk to someone and gain advice about accessing further Glasgow-based support services, such as programmes of physical therapy, advice about benefits, counselling and complementary therapies.

Macmillan Cancer Support’s Scottish Head of Services, Janice Preston, told the Glasgow Evening Times that:

“We know the difference it can make for people to have someone to talk to in their community and this 10,000 milestone shows how big the impact has been right across the city.”

Out of those who make use of the service, 42% stated that being able to talk to someone was their primary reason for using it, and further information about it can be found at the website.

Libraries based within the city frequently employ those that offer stationery printing, to ensure that they have the admin materials needed.