Print companies in Glasgow celebrate Scottish Newspaper Society’s backing of printed media announcements

December 24, 2010 by  

Printing companies in Glasgow are celebrating a recent announcement from the Scottish Newspaper Society which stated that they will continue to place public interest announcements and advertisements in Scottish newspapers, despite increasing pressure to drive these announcements online. Companies who offer digital printing in Glasgow are welcoming this latest news as it shows an increasing confidence in the print industry from both local and national authorities. Whilst the argument for using online communications is certainly a strong and valid one, the general consensus amongst governments and councils is that moving public service notices to a purely online channel would alienate a large amount of people who do not always have access to the internet.

Newspapers are still a major channel of communication for many people and this is testament to the fact that digital printers in Glasgow are thriving.

Many local authorities use companies who provide digital printing in the Glasgow region as this is a convenient and fast way of getting certain messages out to print. For example, health warnings about drink driving over the festive period, information about colds and flu and even council notices all need a high level of visibility and the printed media is still a relevant place to show these notices.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Newspaper Society said there would be no legislation passed to stop notices from the public sector appearing in printed newspapers. Local printing companies in Glasgow have expressed feelings of buoyancy thanks to this recent announcement and this bodes well for the future of digital printing in Glasgow.