Flyer printing services from Minuteman Press

With the growing emphasis on “green” initiatives like paper-less billing, you would think Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing would be a thing of the past. Not so. A survey run on behalf of the Royal Mail showed that at least 73% of billing customers preferred paper billing, with 65% saying they would switch suppliers rather than convert to the paper-free option. This is good news for the thousands of businesses who use flyer Print company in printing printing services printing as a way of promoting their services in mail shots and inserts.

The survey reiterated the point that flyer Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies like us at Minuteman Press make time and time again: while computers are very useful, people are still programmed to receive information the old-fashioned way, on sheets of paper. While those sheets may have been digitally realised and printed using computerised technology, the underlying message is delivered on a medium which can be satisfyingly crinkled between thumb and forefinger. People like it that way.

It can be disheartening to pay for flyer printing to be handed out – only to see it ending up as street waste. However, just as many leaflets end up being popped into pockets, ready to bring out later. The results are even better if you have a targeted approach, delivering your message to specific households. You don’t need a customer database, either. In September 2010, the Royal Mail Door Drop service gave a prestigious presentation proving how effective flyer printing was in raising brand awareness and creating customer loyalty, when targeted to specific consumer groups or specific areas.

For example, Cravendale used a simple, but striking flyer printing campaign, targeting addresses in areas where there was heavy milk consumption. The money off coupon they craftily included not only led to 270,000 customers switching to their product – it enabled them to see where their campaign had the most impact.

To be successful, your flyer printing campaign needs to be professional, eye catching and cost-effective. No matter how large or small your own company is, flyer printing with us at Minuteman Press will guarantee positive results.