Four stationery items that should be branded

October 17, 2013 by  

Branded stationery items can be hugely important tools for a business; they have the potential to be passed around to a wide consumer base, which leads to a greater chance of the business being recognised. Stationery items can be anything found in the office, from pens to paper, so they come in handy as practical tools as well.

Branding is important within a business because it encapsulates what the business is about, and it is what the customer will see and remember. Usually, it consists of the company name and logo, as well as specific colours that should be consistent throughout. A strong brand is an attractive one, and can potentially raise sales and company recognition.

It’s clear that by using branded stationery items both internally and externally, there are a range of benefits that a business can reap – but what are the items most commonly branded?


First and foremost, every business will have to send a letter at some point, whether it be delivered to a customer’s home or to a potential new client. Letters should primarily be concise and professional, but they should also include something unique to do with the company. Letterheads form a great part of branding because they add professionalism to a letter and let the receiver know exactly where the letter is coming from.

Business cards

Business cards are also a common tool businesses use to increase company awareness or network with potential clients. As well as being a practical tool that a business can use to keep in contact with other companies, they offer great opportunities to add branding. A branded business card is professional, but it also makes a company become recognisable.


Pens are great incentives for customers, and can be used as free gifts handed out after transactions or at promotional events. Like business cards, they serve a practical purpose, but when the company brand is added, they help to get the business’ name out there, further increasing awareness. This, in turn, should make the company become better known.


Notepads are another popular stationery item. Useful to keep on a desk for writing quick memos or reminders, notepads have a purpose and customers or clients are able to make use of them quite easily. They might travel from hand to hand and be kept for some time, so the company brand is getting seen by more eyes and eventually becomes more recognisable.

Aside from brand recognition, customised stationery also gives off an air of professionalism that’s hard to match with standard office stationery. Branded items show that a company pays attention to the finer details, and that it cares about how its image is perceived.

Branding is important in any aspect of a business because it is what the company is recognised by, and often people base their first impression upon the quality of a company brand. With stationery items, branding is essential because they have the potential to be passed from customer to customer or business to business, giving more people the chance to take notice of the company.