Why you still need a printing service for your Manchester business

October 25, 2018 by  

The digital revolution has led to speculation about the future paper documents, but printing remains a valuable resource for Manchester businesses.

Manchester is a centre for digital businesses. Though they operate in digital media, their marketing and business operations are not restricted to digital. There is still a role for paper.

An article in the US publication Business Week in 1975 predicted that offices would soon be paperless because of computer technology. While email may have replaced some paper memos, paper documents are still posted on noticeboards, letters are sent out by mail and business cards remain a useful way of passing on contact details.

Emails are often printed. Invoices are transmitted electronically, but many businesses print them out to have a hard copy for their financial department.

No business can afford not to have an internet presence or social media accounts, but digital marketing has led to information overload in some cases, with there being a huge quantity of digital information available in the form of excessive numbers of emails, online ads, social media notifications and text messages. With so much information available, people handle it by quickly scanning rather than carefully digesting information. Marketing messages can therefore get lost in an avalanche of data.

People are more likely to take notice of printed information in leaflets, brochures and other printed documents. This means that your local Manchester print service will continue to provide a valuable service to your business.


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