Why people love receiving handwritten letters on personalised stationery

December 23, 2017 by  

Personalized stationery and handwritten greetings create a special impression that is often missing from emails and text messages.

North Romford Community centre describes itself as “a focal point for sporting and leisure activities”. The community centre is one of many places where Romford residents gather to celebrate their community spirit. When we are not with people, they are not forgotten; we like to keep in touch, which is why text messaging, emails and social media have dramatically grown in recent years.

Every day, Romford people receive so many text messages, emails and social media notifications that these forms of communication have become “ordinary”. Sometimes, you want to make a special impact, perhaps to say thank you or wish someone well.

A handwritten letter on personalised stationery says that you have taken that extra effort. In this age of computers, iPads and smartphones, we rarely see handwriting, so it stands out and makes a special connection.

Sending texts or emails are quick – often too quick. It is easy to speedily write an email that has spelling mistakes or carries the wrong tone. Writing a handwritten letter takes time, and people who write them tend to take more care.

A letter that expresses heartfelt feelings is likely to kept and treasured by the recipient.

You can write a letter on plain paper, but personalised stationery printed on luxury paper is so much better. Visit your Romford printing service to view all the options that make personalised stationery special.


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