How print powers innovative Exeter forwards

August 12, 2017 by  

Though the digital world is important for marketing, printed materials are remain as vital a part of promoting business as ever.

Exeter is a city of innovators. SETSquared, a university based initiative that encourages innovation, has named no fewer than eight Exeter representatives in its list of the top 50 UK innovators. All of them are companies that provide innovative products and technology.

Inventing an original product is not enough to make a company successful. Companies need to tell the world about the product so that sales are made. Brand awareness is raised through websites, blogs, and social media, but printed materials are equally, if not more, important for the successful launch of innovative products and services.

According to Christine Sæterhaug writing for Marketing Tech, print is more effective than email. Nearly 80% of people will act immediately when receiving a physical letter, while only 45% will act on an email straight away. Targeted direct mail can receive 4.4% response rates compared to the email response rate of 0.12%. This is why many companies continue to print letters, brochures, and leaflets to boost their sales.

There are quality printing services in Exeter that have the latest printing technology. Digital printing is very cost effective, even for small print runs. Many printers can provide very quick service for time sensitive jobs, so if your company is running out of brochures for an important sales conference, then extra copies can be quickly printed off.

Exeter entrepreneurs will continue to be creative, and printing services in Exeter support them through quality printing.


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