Should your Exeter business have a physical newsletter?

October 16, 2017 by  

Many businesses produce email newsletters to keep their customers up to date with the latest news about the company, but have you considered following this up with a printed newsletter?

Exeter, with a population of 127,300, is not a large city but there are 4,877 companies registered for business rates. A printed newsletter can make your company stand out among the crowd.

A newsletter promotes your business without directly selling. It informs and updates your customers on what is happening at your company, and makes sure that your customers are regularly reminded of your brand.

Newsletters sent by email are often unread; some may land in the junk mail folder and never be seen. Unless you have great headlines, your email newsletter could be seen but not opened. A printed copy of your newsletter needs no screen or power so can be read anywhere.

A printed newsletter tends to remain in a house for a while and can set your company apart from other companies who do not produce them. They will be more readily trusted not be a scam, and of course carry no threat of malware.

A newsletter, unlike a brochure, does not have to take a long time to design. A banner with your logo accompanied by a few text stories and relevant images is fine. Some newsletters can be designed based on a template. For a new issue, the content creator has to simply change the headlines, text and images.

Your Exeter printing service can print attention-grabbing newsletters for your business at a price kind to your budget.


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